Star Performer's mission is to serve those rare individuals who are sufficiently motivated to change their lives and achieve their goals.


Through Getting What You Want , you are introduced to this new paradigm and exposed to concepts that will make life a lot less stressful, much more enjoyable, and abundantly more plentiful.
Michael Shenker


The A-TEAMS is the most impressive personal and corporate development program I’ve ever seen. It works because it’s based upon human nature.
Jerry Fletcher, President,
Michael has a genuine passion and talent for helping others challenge themselves to achieve the greatness that is inherently inside each of us.
Ross MacDonald, musician & entrepreneur

The Empowerment Process

Star Performer is a powerful vehicle for overcoming challenges and achieving results. It is the culmination of over three decades of research, development and facilitation in the areas of human potential and behavior modification.


Gain an insight into your true identity and core beliefs


Understand a new business/life model


Establish an intention/goal that is in line with your core values and beliefs


Install a process for quickly reducing the gap between "want" and "have" and escalate performance