Michael, after our board meeting, I joined my new team for our weekly staff meeting (complete with an agenda and a fixed start and stop time). I was struck by how many of the announcements and discussion points in that meeting grew right out of my own A-TEAMS project plan. Best of all, though, after I excitedly announced the presidential approval on our new technology for the department, one of the staff said, ‘Cool! And there's another goal we can say we've completed on our A-TEAM plan!’

Michael, you flat out never missed a beat on this project. And you'll be pleased to know the team refers to our team building process, with its project plans and meetings and exercises, as "Group Hug." I'd say you earned every dollar I paid you--plus a few more! I look forward to our follow-up audit.
Patti McCoy, Executive Vice President, First Consumers National Bank

A-TEAMS Mastermind Groups - Private Consulting

Star Performer Consulting offers two coaching venues; A-TEAMS Mastermind groups (Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA) and one-on-one consulting (nationally ).

A-TEAMS are comprised of small groups (4-6 participants) who meet on a weekly basis for 90 - 120 minutes for 12 weeks. Meetings are conducted with a stop watch to insure everyone gets to participate and time is not wasted on idle chatter.

One-on-one consulting is conducted nationally. Each client receives one hour of coaching per week for 12 weeks using the same material as A-TEAMS.


Star Performer Consulting is not for everybody. Potential candidates are evaluated on their enthusiasm to learn (are they teachable and coachable), their willingness to accept change and their level of motivation. 

Candidates are also invited to ask questions about my background and experience and evaluate the program's merits in relation to their personal wants and needs.


Star Performer graduates typically:
Become clearer about their inner most desires and beliefs (core programming).
Gain a body of knowledge as to how to better achieve their goals
Develop a laser-like focus to do or be whatever they choose
Spend more time feeling good and less time feeling confused, fearful, depressed or relapsing.