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To Whom It May Concern: The purpose of this letter is two-fold: First to express my appreciation to Mr. Shenker and his A-TEAMS program and second to highly recommend that you engage Michael's services if you are contemplating doing so. Let me tell you what A-TEAMS has done for me. Michael's process for goal-setting, asking the hard questions of what is really important, building a detailed, "foolproof' plan for action and ultimate success is without peer in my opinion. A-TEAMS is NOT a group-hug or a place to hide. On the contrary, it requires dedication and effort on the part of the members. If a member does not put forth the effort, he or she is out - no exceptions. A-Teams promises results and there is no room for waffling. It is for the serious/sincere person only. I say without reservation my time with Michael Shenker's A-TEAMS has been the richest, most productive time I have spent in my life so far both personally and financially
Michael Coates, Managing Partner, Columbia Business Advisors


Clarity is like the rudder on a ship. The rudder moves the ship in the direction of its destination. If the ship had no rudder, it would get tossed around by the ebb and flow of the sea (life) and never reach its destination.


Your brain is attracted to what it focuses on. If your focus is on what you don’t have, you get more of what you don’t have. If you focus on what you are grateful for, it brings you more of the same.


Passion is the driving force behind the achievement of any endeavor. If your passion is strong, it will compensate for all of the inevitable problems and challenges that you will encounter on the road to success. If you are not passionate about what you want to achieve, there is a high probability that you will fail.

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